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Clyde Posley Jr., D.D., Ph.D.

Clyde Posley Jr., D.D., PH.D.

• Dr. Posley has an earned Ph.D. in interdisciplinary studies from Union Institute and University, in Cincinnati, OH, with concentrations in Humanities, Cultural Studies and M.L. King Scholarship

• In 2015 Dr. Posley’s dissertation was entitled: The embodiment of the Black male student-athlete: A case-study of the 1968 medal stand protest

• Dr. Posley has also been awarded an Honorary Doctorate in the field of Social Justice from Habakkuk Bible College

• Dr. Posley’s latest work is on Amazon.com. Learn more at drclydeposley.com, entitled: MORE THAN ICONS AND IMAGES

Dr. Clyde Posley Jr. has been the Senior Pastor of the Antioch Fountain of Grace in Indianapolis, IN, for 20 years.

Known for using God’s word to bring unity to diverse settings, Dr. Posley has initiated several ministries designed to sow unity throughout this time-span including: The Kingdom Men of Excellence Men’s Ministry, The Excellence in Flight Youth Inner-city Summer Camp, and The Excellence in Flight Pre-K daycare ministry.

This multi-talented man of God has been a highly sought-after evangelist, instructor, conference speaker, radio-talk show host and forum panelist for over thirty years throughout the mid-west and the US. Dr. Posley has worked as an adjunct professor of Homiletics, New Testament Survey, Theological Foundations for Urban Ministry and visiting Social Science and Cultural Studies lecturer at several universities including: Indiana University, Martin University, and Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, OH.

Dr. Posley is author of the newly released book: More than Icons and Images: Uncovering the Hidden Protest Narrative of American Black Athlete in the 21st Century: providing a historical context to current American socio/political protests among Black Athletes. 

As the president of the Pastors and Ministers Division of Union District Baptist Association, located in Indianapolis, IN, Dr. Posley authored a comprehensive ministerial training curriculum for Christian ministers entitled: Union District Association Pastors and Ministers Conference Ministerial Certificate Program. 

Dr. Posley is a former instructor in the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. Congress of Christian Education youth division. 

Currently, Dr. Posley is the coordinator of the Racial and Social Justice division of the Union District Baptist Association of Indianapolis, IN. He is also the Senior Editor of the Union District association’s quarterly newsletter entitled: The Union District Voice.

Dr. Posley served two terms as Executive Chaplain for Zeta Phi Chapter of The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. in Indianapolis, IN. 

Additionally, Dr. Posley currently serves as Executive Chaplain for Pink-4Ever breast health education servicing organization; servicing the greater Indianapolis area. 

Dr. Posley currently serves as President of the R.E.D. Alliance (Reaching to End Disparities), an organization that addresses systemic intervention and culturally sensitive health information related to the health disparities and treatment of breast cancer among Black women in the greater Indianapolis area. 

Dr. Posley co-hosted a weekly internet -radio show; “Warp & Woof” with Dr. Mark Eckel and can currently be seen on “Moves That Matter with Dr. Clyde Posley Jr.” his weekly internet broadcast.

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